THE ULTIMATE Relics and Rarities RPG Gaming Gear Bundle (PRE-ORDER)

Dog Might

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*Delivery in 6-8 weeks


1) Relics and Rarities Valhalla Screen

Walnut hardwood and come with a load of awesome features.  The center panel features the R&R logo and the side screens depict the curiosities chosen by the cast on the very first episode.

  • Break apart magnetic design for easy storage next to your rulebooks.
  • Each panel measures roughly 12" x 9", large enough to hold a full piece of paper and oriented in landscape format to allow easy access to your players and table.
  • Metal rods hold your screen together firmly and allow full rotation of each screen to fit your table and GM style.
  • 18 embedded magnets on the back of the screen for holding 2 included plexiglass panels for note taking or steel bearings for posting charts and tables. 10 Bearings are included with every screen to pin your papers and notes.
  • Inline initiative track along the top of every panel. Comes with 6 plexiglass initiative trackers - great for use with dry or wet erase markers.
  • Each panel is crafted from 0.625" premium Black Walnut hardwood. Our screens are created from hand selected boards, banded together horizontally to prevent movement of the wood for a lifetime of use.
  • Like all Dog Might products, our Valhalla Screens come with a lifetime guarantee. Available while supplies last.

2) Relics and Rarities Rolling Tray

“Roll for initiative” in our gorgeous Relics and Rarities Rolling Trays. These beautiful works of art are the same ones that were featured on the show! Each tray is built from premium Black Walnut hardwood and features 4 fully sculpted sides thematically tied to a different episode from season one: cogs, Egyptian idols, scrollwork, and the R & R logo.

Each Rolling Tray comes with 2" nickel pedestals that raise the tray off your gaming table to guard against spills. Our Rolling Trays are the perfect size for games that require a lot of dice - each measures approximately 11" x 11" with a depth of 1.75". Each tray also comes with a friction fit, a removable divider that allows you to sort your dice however you like. Like all Dog Might products, our Rolling Trays come with a lifetime guarantee. Available while supplies last.

3) Relics and Rarities Dragon Sheath

Keep your gaming gear secure in our officially licensed Relics and Rarities Dragon Sheath. Crafted out of premium Black Walnut hardwood, our sheaths feature the Relics and Rarities logo sculpted directly into the wood, a small well to hold a standard sized mini, and a large well that can hold up to 15 polyhedral dice.

Dragon Sheaths measure approximately 8.5" x 2.25" x 2.0". All wood is hand selected for durability, beauty, and a lifetime of gaming. The magnets are 0.25" rare earth neodymium and give a satisfying snap when closed (they are incredibly strong!). Like all Dog Might products, our Dragon Sheaths come with a lifetime guarantee. Available while supplies last.

*wooden dice and miniature not included

*Delivery in 6-8 weeks