Relics and Rarities Rolling Tray (PRE-ORDER)

Dog Might

$ 128.00 


*Delivery in 6-8 weeks

“Roll for initiative” in our gorgeous Relics and Rarities Rolling Trays. These beautiful works of art are the same ones that were featured on the show! Each tray is built from premium Black Walnut hardwood and features 4 fully sculpted sides thematically tied to a different episode from season one: cogs, Egyptian idols, scrollwork, and the R & R logo.

Each Rolling Tray comes with 2" nickel pedestals that raise the tray off your gaming table to guard against spills. Our Rolling Trays are the perfect size for games that require a lot of dice - each measures approximately 11" x 11" with a depth of 1.75". Each tray also comes with a friction fit, a removable divider that allows you to sort your dice however you like. Like all Dog Might products, our Rolling Trays come with a lifetime guarantee. Available while supplies last.

*wooden dice and miniature not included

*Delivery in 6-8 weeks